In 1987, brothers Ernest and Robert Strother founded Strother Food Service Company to provide high-quality food service management to a diverse target market. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Strother Enterprises has thoroughly established itself as a leader within the Philadelphia service market by offering an unsurpassed level of service and value to its customers, providing excellent employment opportunities, and serving as a trusted partner to its clients.

Throughout its successful history, Strother Enterprises has always sought to align its management skills and service expertise with major opportunities. As a result, Strother Enterprises is now one of the nation’s largest minority-owned service management providers. We are dedicated to helping our valued clients grow and diversify their businesses though our strategic services, and we are proud of our strong partnerships with some of the country’s leading convention centers, correctional institutions, healthcare facilities, athletic stadiums and school districts.

Notable Milestones

1987: Strother Food Service Company was founded as a catering company

1989: Strother Café/Jazz Restaurant and Bar opened its doors

1990: Our new parent company, Strother Enterprises Inc., was established

1991: Established a joint venture with Baring, Inc. to build a cook-chill kitchen facility for the Philadelphia Prison System

1992: Strother Enterprises formed a joint venture partnership with ARAMARK Corp.

1995: Made transition from a catering and restaurant focus to contract food service management

2001: Established a joint venture partnership with Hopeman Brothers Marine Interior

2002: Completed construction of deckhouse for container vessel within Aker Philadelphia Shipyard

2004:Forged a strategic alliance with Novick Brothers food distributor

2006: Strother Enterprises expanded into fulfillment service

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